Sunday, July 6, 2008

A note about measurements

I find cooking European recipes very time consuming and often times messy. I can't be bothered to get out a scale and weigh each of the dry ingredients, then get out a measuring cup and measure each of the liquid ingredients. When I actually try to weigh flour I usually end up with a kitchen full of white flour dust. I spend a third of my time measuring, a third making the recipe and the remaining third cleaning the kitchen!
If you find that cooking or baking just takes too long and is too messy than I suggest going to the local Waitrose and picking up some American measuring cups and spoons. Now that so many recipes are online, you will have no problem finding recipes (even classic English recipes) written using American measurement. The great thing about American measuring cups is that you only need one set to cover both the dry ingredients and liquid ones. Its far less time consuming and less messy!

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